Rusch is specialised in the inspection of all your cranes and other hoisting equipment, helping you maintain an optimized and safe work environment.

Certified Testing

Rusch is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the whole group and EKH certified specifically for the inspection division. All our personnel is VCA certified (Dutch Health & Safety training) and the Inspectors are certified by EKH, ABOMA, and TCVT.

All-In-One Solution

With inspection, repair and testing services all under one roof, Rusch offers you a custom-made, all-in-one solution based on your specific desires and requests.

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Testing Your Equipment

Rusch Services is specialised in the testing and certification of crane blocks, hooks and chains. Rusch has five test benches: one is a stationary set-up in the factory with a capacity of up to 50 tons, and the others are movable set-ups with a capacity of up to 5 tons. Rusch is a certified member of the association of Accredited Inspection Companies for Lifting Equipment (EKH), above as well as under the hook. We also carry out NEN 3140 inspection and deliver various products in the field of lifting equipment, including chains and slings.

Crane Inspection

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For specialist work, we contract a specialist!

Mr. Sjaak Reijm, factory manager of rolling stock for Mourik Groot-Ammers.