Mobile Bridge Tower (MBT).

The Rusch Mobile Bridge Tower (MBT) was succesfully designed, engineered, fabricated and delivered to our Norwegian client.

Besides repair activities, Rusch Cranes is known for its ingenuity and skill in the field of new-build. For our Norwegian client, we designed, engineered, fabricated and installed a completely new machine, that we called the Mobile Bridge Tower. All in 6 months time.

The Maintenance Bridge Tower consists of the followingmain parts: Tower, two elevators (on either site of the tower), Adjustable platform with Telescopic bridge and trailer with outriggers for stability and waiting room.
The MBT is designed in accordance to NEN/EN 13000 and Norsok C-002 and is delivered with a CE certificate.

  • December 2013
  • May 2014
  • Crane Repair, Offshore
  • Norway

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Mr. Sjaak Reijm, factory manager of rolling stock for Mourik Groot-Ammers.