Crane Boom Reparation for Trost GmbH.

Trost sought a qualitative, cost-efficient solution for the torsion on their crane boom. We were able to help them by re-using parts as much as possible, and replacing them only where it was necessary.

Torsion problems

Trost came to us because several parts of their crane were writhed due to an unknown reason. A possible cause is that the jib tipped over when the boom was fully extended, or that it remained hanging at a perpendicular angle. Trost looked for a repair service that was qualitatively outstanding yet more cost-efficient than simply turning to the manufacturer to buy completely new parts.

Boom reparation 2x new upper hood, calibration, 2x torsion cancellation

  • May 2017
  • July 2017
  • Crane Repair
  • Medemblik, the Netherlands

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A job well done, and good pricing compared to the manufacturer.

Johannes Trost, Trost GmbH